A Guide to Understanding Pad Printing Services and Their Benefits

What is Pad Printing and How Does it Work? Pad printing is a printing process that involves transferring ink from a specially designed plate to a product surface using a silicone pad. This technology is used to print on objects with unusual shapes or surfaces, such as golf balls or medical devices. Pad printing services […]

How Pad Printing Can Benefit Your Business

Pad Printing Benefits

At TBS Associates, we specialise in providing pad printing. Perhaps you are wondering how our services can benefit your business. After all, when it comes to ordering services and products, you need to know that you are getting the best option available at a reasonable price. Ultimately, the proof that you have made the right […]

Products that Can Be Pad Printed

Products that Can Be Pad Printed

Some of the most stylish and colourful graphics seen by people daily are made through pad printing technology. Pad printing enables you to add different colours, images, and brands to your product, depending on your preference. Printing machines these days make customisation of any product easier. Many of these items can undergo pad printing, which […]

What is Assembly & Collating in Tampography?

Assembly & Collating in Tampography

Tampo Printing Collating Process When you think about tampography, or pad printing as it is often known, you might have seen or heard references to the phrase assembly & collating. For example, you might have noticed on our website where you can find out about our specialist pad printing services, there is a section advertising […]

Learn More About Plates, Jigs & Artwork

tampography plates

Artwork Printing Services As you have probably seen on our website, TBS Associates specialises in providing high quality tampography for all types of businesses. This method, also known as pad printing, is a popular choice for printing on a wide range of materials. However, you may have seen technical words on our website and wonder […]

Why Tampography Prototypes are Important

Importance of Prototypes

Why Tampography Prototypes are Important The pad printing process consists of various stages, one of the most important being the creation of printing prototypes. Having worked closely with clients on their bespoke printing projects for more than 27 years, we have come to understand how vital it is to develop prototypes that help to bring […]

Pad Printing: The Advantages

Pad Printing: The Advantages

As specialists, with years of experience in delivering bespoke projects for clients, we know pad printing inside-out. But we understand that not everyone is as well-versed on the subject. To help explain exactly what pad printing is and share its specific advantages with you, here’s our quick guide to this highly-skilled process: What is Pad […]