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Why Tampography Prototypes are Important

Why Tampography Prototypes are Important

The pad printing process consists of various stages, one of the most important being the creation of printing prototypes. Having worked closely with clients on their bespoke printing projects for more than 27 years, we have come to understand how vital it is to develop prototypes that help to bring printing concepts to life. Here’s our basic guide to prototypes and the important role they play:

What is a Prototype?

The dictionary definition of a prototype is ‘a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed’. Pad printing prototypes – also referred to as tampography or tampo printing prototypes – are exactly this; initial mock-up or sample designs, which can be tweaked or more substantially adjusted before they are produced en masse.

The Importance of Prototypes

A prototype is a vital part of any design process, it stops you from going into a print project blind. At TBS Associates we believe that to achieve full client satisfaction everyone we work with should have the opportunity to sample the final design before it goes to full printing. This is especially important with a large pad project order or a more experimental design.

Of course, you can decide to go ahead with the production of your project without a prototype. But we would always advise taking the opportunity to see what the final product will look like before we send the design to print. It provides an extra level of reassurance and the potential to make changes before printing is committed to.

Printing Prototypes

How we can help you with printing prototypes

No matter what size your order is, we will provide a mock-up. Our aim is to eliminate any misunderstandings over a design that can lead to wasted time and money. Ultimately, we want to make sure that our customers feeling satisfied. Through printing prototypes, we can minimise any uncertainty.

When we receive your initial request for your project, we provide you with a full mock-up product produced by our in-house members of staff using Mac and PC design software.

We always seek your complete approval of a design before we begin any pad design output. If you have a change of mind, that’s not a problem. Our in-house art and design team are on hand to discuss any design adjustments with you and can brainstorm a new art direction to help realise your vision. Once you’ve approved the sample, we’ll get straight on with producing the rest of the batch.

If you would like us to produce a tampo printing prototype design for your pad print project, you can get in contact with us today. Our dedicated team is always willing to support and answer any questions you may have before we bring your project to life.