With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard


For the past 27 years, TBS Associates have been expanding their pad printing services to become the flourishing bespoke business that exists today.

With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard.

Here are some of the pad printing services we offer here at TBS Associates:


If you’re working on a large production job, you’ll want to see the finished product before you end up with an excessive amount. You’ll want to be sure that the resulting product of the design is in-keeping with what you had initially envisaged, then we can go ahead with speedily producing the rest of your batch – or amending the pad printing if necessary.

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Here at TBS Associates, we also offer a full assembly and collating process to complement the components that you’ve had printed with ourselves. Naturally, every process is done on a completely bespoke basis, allowing you to achieve the personalisation you require with your pad printing.

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Generating all artwork through either Mac or PC programmes, we can then provide a full origination service. You don’t even need to come in for a consultation if you’re not located nearby, simply email over a brief design and we’ll get to work.

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