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What is Assembly & Collating in Tampography?

Tampo Printing Collating Process

When you think about tampography, or pad printing as it is often known, you might have seen or heard references to the phrase assembly & collating. For example, you might have noticed on our website where you can find out about our specialist pad printing services, there is a section advertising our assembly and collating process. But what is involved with this? What do we offer? How does this set us apart from many of our competitors? Why is assembly & collating useful to your business?

To answer that, you really need to understand first what pad printing, or tampography, is. It is an effective way to print designs onto items which are not suitable for traditional printing. An obvious reason would be that the item has an unusual shape. For example, a curved pen casing would not be easy to accurately print using other methods. The rounded shape of the metal or plastic would lead to a distorted printout which would not look good, whether as a product for sale or a commercial item to advertise your business to potential customers.

Pad Printing Collating

With tampography, we use silicon pads to apply printing to this type of uneven shape. The ink is applied to the pad from an etched ink surface. When the pad lifts away from the ink, a perfect replica is left on the pad. This pad is then pressed quickly and precisely to the print surface. The silicon conforms neatly to the surface shape, ensuring that the print is perfectly proportioned and has sharp detail. As the print pad lifts away, the component has a perfect replica of the original design. This process can be repeated time and time again to produce a large number of finished prints in a short space of time.

But what about the pad printing collating process and the assembly? If you think about it, the pad printing itself is only a part of the full process. Of course, it is a very important part, but the process is not complete when the pad finishes its work. Take, for example, the pen that we mentioned earlier. It may have had the design imposed on the side of the outer casing, but that does not mean it is finished. For example, there may be part of the pen that need to be assembled, like ink cartridges and springs. Equally, it may need collating with other pens to make a complete set or putting into a presentation case ready to deliver to your premier customers. The point is that assembly and collating is necessary to ensure that the products are not only beautifully printed, but that they are ready to sell or gift when they arrive at your worksite.

Pad Printing Collating

What do we offer? At TBS Associates, we are happy to provide bespoke pad printing assembly services. We also provide pad printing collating services. The work is done by a small team of hard working professionals who take pride in doing their work well. This is a bespoke service, meaning that we work to your requirements and ensure that the finished products are just the way you want them. How does this set us apart from many of our competitors? Simply put, we make sure that we provide the full process. We carry out high quality printing, but then we ensure that every item reaches your address exactly how you want it.

Why is assembly & collating useful to your business? Our tampo printing collating process is designed to save you time and money. After all, we provide a service so that your team does not need to spend valuable time assembling and collating the finished products. Instead, your team can do what they do best because we will have taken care of everything for you.

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