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Products that Can Be Pad Printed

Some of the most stylish and colourful graphics seen by people daily are made through pad printing technology. Pad printing enables you to add different colours, images, and brands to your product, depending on your preference.

Printing machines these days make customisation of any product easier. Many of these items can undergo pad printing, which you can later sell or keep. Below are some products that people can customise through pad printing:

Christmas Ornaments

You can make Christmas ornaments more colourful or personalised through pad printing. You can turn them into something other people would be attracted to buy or proudly display at your home. Pad printing facilitates the printing of Santa Claus, angels, photos, messages, and other merry designs on the ornaments to make them look good and give a more holiday vibe.


Skateboards are very popular among teenagers. Teenagers love customising their skateboard wheels to make them look colourful and attractive. People can add a unique logo to the skateboard wheel through pad printing. You can also add graffiti or any designs to add a touch of your personality to these items.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Many coloured contact lenses are usually made through pad printing. Different types of ink are used on the contact lenses to ensure they are safe to use.


Pad printing is used in customising a baseball, depending on which team you support. You can put a logo or the name of your favourite team on the ball, or even your family name. You can also change the baseball colour from its primary white colour to a colour you prefer. This is all possible through pad printing.


You can personalise CDs so that you can give them as souvenirs or gifts. You can have any design to make the CDs personalised and suited for your needs. 

Golf Balls

It’s fun to play golf, but it could be more exciting when using personalised gold balls. Depending on your preference, you can customise your golf ball by putting your favourite logo or graffiti on them. Let pad printing handle the design of your golf ball, so you can focus your efforts on ensuring that it goes in the hole.


Make your wristwatch a fashion statement suited for your personality and personal style by having your preferred designs printed on the straps. You can add any design you want to make the watches stand out. You never know, you might meet people interested in getting the same things done with their accessories.

Beach Balls

Have more fun playing volleyball on the beach by customising the balls. Pad printing allows you to change the colours and include logos, names, photos, and other designs. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can add to your beach balls.

Plastic Sandals & Shoes

Have you ever dreamt of designing your own shoes but don’t have a knack for the arts? You can now do it through pad printing. All you need is to request the design you want and get them printed on your plastic sandals or shoes. You can change your footwear design to make them unique, colourful, and match your style. 

Bottom Line

At TBS Associates, we ensure that our customers get the best pad printing services no matter the item you want to customise or the design you want to use. We provide you with the best pad printing services with colourful output and long-lasting prints. Get in touch with us to know more about what we can do. Visit our webpage or call us at 01445 283489. We will be waiting.