With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard

Tampo Printing

With almost three decades worth of printing experience, TBS Associates can provide you with specialist expertise in tampo printing. Our internal design and artwork team offer a full origination service with Mac and PC generated artwork and are adept at understanding the printing needs of multiple sectors.

What Is Tampo Printing?
Tampo printing, also known as pad printing, or tamography, is a printing process that involves printing 2D images onto a three-dimensional object. The object that is going to be printed on to is normally called a substrate. This process allows for printing to be carried out on round or awkwardly shaped objects. Tampo printing can accommodate any shape, texture or angle, as it is carried out by a digitally controlled machine to ensure everything is printed precisely. It is also useful for inflexible or concave surfaces which may otherwise be difficult to design.

How Does It Work?
Pad printing uses a silicone pad with your required design, which then effectively stamps the image onto your required object. The digitally controlled tampo printing machine will hold the item in place and ensure accurate printing. The silicone pad will wrap around your three-dimensional object to ensure it prints correctly, adapting to the required shape of the material without disturbing the image. Tampo printing ensures the necessary level of colour and detail are maintained during the transfer to your object.

How can TBS Associates Help You
We understand that you want your project to go perfectly, and TBS Associates want to make sure it goes perfectly too. That’s why we provide you with a prototype design before sending your project to print, to ensure that you can see what your final design looks like. Our in house design team will carry out your bespoke project to make sure the results are in line with your vision. We wait for your approval before proceeding to make sure you are 100% happy with the printed product.

We Put Together Your Product
TBS Associates understand there’s nothing more frustrating than being sent a printed product that you then need to put together yourself. That’s why we assemble your product before delivery to make sure it arrives with you in picture-perfect condition. We work to your brief, and the product will exactly match the prototype that you’ve signed off on.

Our Specialist Consultants Can Help
It is very difficult to envisage what your final product will look like after tampo printing. Our specialists want to help, and we will set up an initial consultation to help you establish what you’d like your final design to look like. All of our plates and jigs are constructed in-house through Mac and PC, so we keep production times low, and our quality high.

Not quite sure what you want your final design to look like? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you. We’re committed to delivering you with a personalised product that meets your expectations, with a design that is tailored to your vision.