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Tampo printing Broughton Astley

Tampo printing refers to the process of using a silicone pad to transfer ink onto a substrate. The ink is transferred from an etched printing plate, and this style of printing is sometimes referred to as tampography or pad printing. Tampo printing is often used for tasks whereby the substrate does not have a flat surface, and so other printing methods may prove too difficult. With the flexibility of the silicone, tampo printing allows for easier contact with the surface. These pads also are more durable when compared with conventional rubber pads. Depending on the application, tampo printing may use plates made of ceramic, steel, or plastic.
Benefits and applications of tampo printing

The critical benefit of tampo printing is that you can use a pad made from silicone. The material can adapt to awkward and irregular surfaces, and so tampo printing is a viable option for any type of object. Alternatives such as silk screening are only useful for surfaces that are even or flat. With a tampo printing solution, complex geometries need not be an issue. A silicone pad can be moulded to the shape of the object, meaning it’s possible to transfer your images onto any kind of surface you please.

Tampo printing has endless applications because you are not restricted by object shape, type, or even size. Whether you are printing onto golf balls, jewellery, children’s toys, or kitchen appliances, tampo printing is an excellent choice. Some object surfaces require a high level of resistance against chemicals, and with tampo printing, you can vary the type of ink to meet these needs. With tampo printing, you’ll achieve an improved resolution when compared to hot-stamp, screen, or silk printing. When it comes to your products, you’ll want to produce the highest quality resolution possible for your logos and artwork. Pad printing is an incredibly versatile method, whether you need to print on ceramics, metal, plastic, or glass.
Why choose TBS Associates?

Our tampo printing service in Broughton Astley can offer you a wealth of expertise and experience in tampography. Our staff genuinely love what we do, and this enthusiasm is reflected in the high quality work that we produce. All of our work is completed in-house, and this includes the plate and jig-making. Due to this, we can minimise our lead times and produce top quality products within a short time frame. You won’t want to wait around longer than necessary to get your projects completed, which is why our Broughton Astley pad printing service is proud to offer excellent results faster.

TBS Associates is conveniently located close to the M69 and the M1. We are happy to discuss your printing needs, whether over coffee or on the phone. At TBS Associates Broughton Astley, we are specialists in the field of tampo printing, dedicated to producing the perfect finish every time. Contact us for a chat and a no-obligation quote; we can offer a consultation and provide a prototype before any work goes ahead.