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Tampo printing Bagworth

Are you looking for tampo printing? When it comes to tampo printing, Bagworth companies will not find a better supplier than our experts at TBS Associates Ltd. We are highly experienced in the tampo printing Bagworth businesses need for their promotional materials and other irregularly shaped items.
What is the tampo printing Bagworth customers need?

Tampo printing refers to the printing process of taking a 2D printed design and applying it to a 3D object, known as a ‘substrate’. Tampo printing is also known as pad printing. The name ‘tampo printing’ comes from the technical name of ‘tampography’, but to many customers it will be better known as pad printing, which is a reference to the silicon pad used to transfer the image.
In tampo printing, Bagworth customers can have the design they want transferred to the 3D object, or substrate. The image is chemically etched into a metal plate. This etched design is then inked, using specialist inks and pigments. A pad picks up the ink imprint and then smoothly applies it to the contours of the substrate. This process is so smooth and precise that it can be repeated time after time to achieve a consistent, high-quality finish.

What types of items can Bagworth customers send for tampo printing?

We cannot give an exhaustive list of the items that Bagworth business can send for tampo printing because there are simply too many possibilities! If it is a 3D object with space for printing, then it is almost certain that we can carry out the tampo printing that you need.

One example is rounded objects. We can print onto pens, round packaging, hockey pucks, balls, in fact a whole range of rounded objects. This could be for promotional items you wish to give to potential customers, or for items that you will sell as part of your product lines.

Another example is tampo printing onto object that have an irregular shape. An example would be applying specific racing colours to a scale model of a sports car, or a printed design to a model airplane. We can take the 2D design you have in mind and create a 3D tampo printing that follows the contours and angles of the item.

If you have a specific item in mind, contact our design team. They can quickly and easily let you know if it is suitable for tampo printing and give you a free quote.

Where is the best choice for the tampo printing Bagworth businesses need?

At TBS Associates Ltd, we are proud to offer the best service for the tampo printing Bagworth customers need. What sets us apart is not only that we offer a high-quality job at competitive prices. As well as this, we have a skilled team that can carry out every step of the process for you in-house, from creating prototypes, to the tampo printing, and then even the assembly and collating of your items. If you are looking for the best tampo printing Bagworth has to offer, we are ready to help.