With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard

Round Item Printing

We at TBS Associates are a team of passionate printing people that care about your projects. With an in-house team that works on all artwork, plate and colour matching, we control the quality and time frame of your printing, keeping production times low and quality high. We are able to provide for all your round item printing needs, to ensure a final personalised product that you can be proud of.

No Item Too Complex
Our specialised pad printing uses a silicone pad, which is fully flexible and adapts to your round object. The design team tailors the formatting to the shape of your product, so when the pad wraps around the spherical or round shape, your design will be spaced out and appear exactly in line with the specifications of your item.

Examples of round and spherical objects we have printed include:
Branded sports items like football or petanque balls
Spherical lids and containers for reputable cosmetic brands
Items with round components like kitchenware
Bottle caps and uniquely designed lids

Check out our gallery for more examples of our successful bespoke printing projects. If you can’t see an example on the site, email us on info@tbspadprint.co.uk and we’ll be able to talk you through your round item printing needs.

An Exact Science
All of our technical jigs are created in house to exactly match the requirements of your object. This means that we can ensure to an exact science what size our jigs need to be, so your product is precisely held in place at the time of printing. All of our designs are tailored to the object requirements too, so we can ensure everything is tailored to the needs of your item.

How Can TBS Associates Help You
We won’t print until you are 100% satisfied with the product. To ensure this we will send you a prototype for your sign off prior to printing, and then we can work to address any amendments to the design before we start the process. We also ensure a full assembly of your item prior to delivery, so the finished product will arrive at your doorstep without you having to finalise the construction process yourself. We will work with you through the entire process to ensure you are happy with the design and development of your printed product.

Free Consultation (If You Need It)
Aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for in a final design? We are experts in round item printing and have consulted with many clients across multiple industries, including the cosmetics, retail and food and beverage sector, so we’ll be sure to find the right solutions for you. Alternatively, if you don’t want a consultation, feel free to email us over a project brief and we’ll get started right away.

If you have a round product or product-component that needs printing, get in touch today for our free consultation and expert advice. We are committed to ensuring that all your round item printing is carried out to an exceptional standard and we are proud to be an industry leader in both quality and turnaround times.