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Round item printing Bagworth

At TBS Associates Ltd we specialise in round item printing. Bagworth customers can rely on us to carry out the round item printing that they require. In fact, when it comes to round item printing, Bagworth businesses will not find a better combination of professionalism, expertise and creativity.
We carry out the round item printing Bagworth customers need through a process known as ‘tampography’, or more commonly, pad printing. This is a specialist printing service. To explain the process simply, we take a 2D design and print it onto 3D round items, as well as irregularly shaped items. First, we design the artwork for the round item printing Bagworth customers need. This could be anything from a simple company logo or slogan to a complex graphic design. This is then chemically etched into a printing plate, before being transferred to the round item by a smooth pad which can precisely follow the contour and curve. One thing that makes us the experts in round item printing Bagworth companies can rely on is that we offer a consistent job, so that every item in your print run will have the same, consistent and accurate print quality.
We cannot give an exhaustive list of the round item printing Bagworth customers need, but here are some examples of the type of round item printing we can provide for your Bagworth based business:
1) Pens and other promotional gifts
Many companies use pens as a promotional gift. They are a great way of your customers remembering your business, or of potential customers thinking about your services. Alternatively, if you have a gift shop you could sell the pens as a commercial line. Either way, with out round item printing, Bagworth businesses can have pens with their name or logo on.
2) Medical equipment
If you manufacture round items for the medical world, such as parts for tools or systems, why not get your own logo on it? After all, the medical market is highly competitive so it could help to have your name visible. With our round item printing, Bagworth businesses can make sure their name is visible.
3) Packaging
If you make a produce with a rounded bottle or lid, a label might not be right for you. For example, if you make a premium product like perfume in a bottle which has an irregular rounded shape, you need a classy logo that will not hide your design. With our round item printing, Bagworth customers can have the information on the packaging without detracting from the great design idea.
4) Balls and pucks
It goes without saying, but our round item printing is ideal for any balls or hockey pucks Bagworth customers want printing. From commemorative pucks to branded golf balls, we are here to help.
5) Toy parts
Whether it is wheels on a car or some sort of ball, we can provide the round item printing Bagworth customers need to make toy ranges look great.
For more information about the best round item printing Bagworth has to offer, contact our team today.