With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard

Printing Prototypes

At TBS Associates, we understand the importance of getting things right. As well as providing state-of-the-art pad printing services, our talented team offer full origination services too. When you choose us to design your artwork or pad print your products, you can be sure that the finished image will be exactly as you envisage.
To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we create printing prototypes before your goods are printed. With a comprehensive print prototype to evaluate, you can take your time before you sign off on your final design.
To find out more about pad printing prototypes, why not get in touch with us? Simply call us on 01455 283489 or email us at info@tbspadprint.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.
Pad Printing Prototypes
Sending a project to print with TBS Associates means your products are going to be enhanced with your custom designs. Whether you’re adding a brand name, logo or imagery, our digital print processes ensure every element is added with precision.
We understand that our customers want to see the real deal before they give us the go-ahead, which is why we offer bespoke printing prototypes. Once your design process is complete, we’ll create a detailed prototype using PC and Mac software, so you’ll be able to see exactly what your product will look like.
Of course, if you’d like to make any modifications at this stage, we’ll be happy to oblige. Our team of designers and creators are always on hand, so simply let us know what you’d like to change, and we’ll get to work.
Having access to genuine pad printing prototypes gives you complete control over your project. With your input every step of the way, we use our experience and expertise to create a product you are proud of.
Artwork Design and Origination
Before we create your printing prototype, we need to work with you to get your design on paper. If you already have your artwork completed, you may be ready to skip straight to the printing prototype stage. However, if you would like a little help with your artwork or prep, don’t be afraid to ask!
We offer a full design and origination service, which means we can create custom artwork for your project. Whether you’ve got a vague idea of what you’d like your product to look like, a clear image of the final product or some specific features in mind, our team will work with you to create bespoke artwork.
Once you’re happy with your designs, we’ll process them so that your printing prototype is ready to be created. No matter what software or systems you’re using, our dedicated team will convert, create and customise them so that they are ready to be pad printed.
With a complete in-house service, you can rely on TBS Associates to manage every part of the print process. To learn more or to talk to us about printing prototypes, call TBS Associates now on 01455 283489 or email us at info@tbspadprint.co.uk