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Printing Prototypes Bagworth

You have manufactured the parts, and everything is ready for printing. But how can you make sure that the printed design is going to be what you want? Here are five top suggestions for making your finished items look as you good as you expect.
1) Think carefully about what you want.
What is the key element of your design? For example, is the use of colours and a specific pattern such as a racing decal crucial or is the logo of your company the thing that should stand out? By having a clear objective, you can make sure the design achieves what you need.
2) Work with art and design experts to get an effective design.
Having access to an art and design team who understand the printing process of pad printing means that you can design with the finished product in mind. This can save time in the later process by avoiding having to alter the design for mistakes caused by the change from 2D to 3D.
3) Make sure that the company you are working with makes printing prototypes
Just because a design is good in 2D does not mean it will be what you want in 3D. By getting printing prototypes, Bagworth customers have a chance to check the work and make any changes to the design before the full batch is printed. Avoid working with a company that will not give you printing prototypes and make changes before carrying out the full print run.
4) Get feedback on your printing prototypes
With printing prototypes, Bagworth companies have the opportunity to check out reactions to the product. Ask your colleagues for their thoughts; if the item is a child’s toy, ask your colleagues to show it to their children to see if the design works.
5) Make sure that you work with a company that handles the printing process in-house
By working with a team that handles every step of the process, from the design and printing prototypes to the assembly and collating, you can be confident that the quality of your items will be consistent and not affected by reliance on a third-party company which may not have the same high-quality of work.
If you need a company that can handle the full printing process including making printing prototypes, Bagworth has no better option than the team at TBS Associates Ltd. They take each project from the initial design stage and then make full quality printing prototypes Bagworth businesses can use to check the quality of the finished item. Because they make such good initial designs and printing prototypes, Bagworth businesses can clearly see how the finished run will look. This gives peace of mind that the whole process will be smooth and the finished product run. The team will even carry out a full assembly and collating process after printing, so the finished product gets to you ready to sell or give away.
For more information, including all enquiries about the best printing prototypes Bagworth has to offer, contact the experts at TBS Associates Ltd today.