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Pad Printing Broughton Astley

Pad printing is a revolutionary printing technique, which involves transferring two-dimensional images onto 3D products. At TBS Associates, we have been providing premium pad printing services for over 27 years, catering for clients with a diverse range of requirements. If you have a printing project in mind, and you’re looking for pad printing in Broughton Astley, you’ve come to the right place!

Swift, seamless pad printing in Broughton Astley
TBS Associates specialises in pad printing, a unique printing process, which facilitates high-quality printing on round, cylindrical shapes and products with uneven, textured or concave surfaces. With pad printing, you can print images onto almost any surface. This method has a diverse range of uses and applications, and it is employed on everything from medicines and cosmetics to sports equipment and watches.

Pad printing, also known as tampo printing or tampography, is an incredibly versatile solution, which offers benefits for a wide range of clients across several sectors.

At TBS Associates, we offer a comprehensive range of in-house services, including pad printing, jigs and artwork and assembly services. Whether you need inspiration for a design, you have a project ready to go to print, or you’re interested in finding out more about pad printing in Broughton Astley, our team is here to help.

How does pad printing work?
Pad printing gets its name from the specially-formulated silicone pads, which are used to press the 2D images onto the 3D object. The product is secured within the printing machine before being pressed into an ink plate. The pad is then used to stamp the object.

What is so special about pad printing?
Pad printing opened all kinds of doors in the 1940s. Prior to the introduction of this innovative technique, several items were deemed unsuitable for printing due to uneven surfaces, awkward shapes or fragile materials. Pad printing enables us to print all kinds of objects, including those made from delicate materials, cylindrical shapes, 3D parts and products with inflexible or concave surfaces. As the silicone pad wraps around the object, all surfaces can be covered and printed without any reduction in quality.

The TBS Associates difference
Pad printing offers all kinds of benefits, but it does require expert operation. Our TBS Associates team has extensive experience in overseeing the printing process, and we understand what is needed to achieve the best results. As well as offering pad printing in Broughton Astley, we offer jigs and artwork, and we can provide in-house design services to help you plan your project. We create prototypes before printing and we also offer an assembly service to save you time and effort when you receive your order.

We take pride in the results we achieve and our excellent track record, but we’re also committed to providing a tailored, personalised service. It’s critical to us that our clients are happy, and this is why we take the time to talk and share ideas. We actively encourage clients to get involved, and we want every customer to be delighted with the products they receive.

If you’re looking for pad printing in Broughton Astley, we can assure you that your project will be in safe hands. Call us today to find out more!