With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard

Pad Printed Assembly and Collating Bagworth

At TBS Associates Ltd, we offer the full range of services you need, including the best pad printed assembly and collating Bagworth has to offer. When we say we offer the full service, we really mean it. Our service is the complete process for pad printed items, including assembly and collating. Bagworth customers can work with us for every step of the process. We have a specialist team of experts and a fully equipped printing setup, so we carry out the entire process in-house. From the very first design to the final dispatch of your printed items, we handle everything ourselves so you do not need to deal with any third-party companies or sub-contractors. This keeps your costs down and makes the whole process faster, more accurate and more efficient.
What is involved in the best process for pad printed assembly and collating Bagworth has to offer? The first step is getting the design right. We have an artwork and design team who will work with you to get the design the way you want it. If you are taking your first steps into pad printed items, our team can help you to get a design you are happy with. Equally, if your own artwork teams have created designs that you want to use, our art and design experts will work with your designs to make them work on your pad printed items.
The next stage in our pad printed assembly and collating process for Bagworth customers is making a prototype. Just because something looks good in 2D does not always mean it will be quite right in 3D. By making a prototype, you can check that you are happy with everything before the pad print process starts on the full run.
Once the prototype has been approved, we will move to the next stage in our pad printed assembly and collating process. Whether your Bagworth business has a small run or a large run, we will qork quickly and neatly to ensure that each pad printed item has a sharp, even and clear printed design. Whether it is the 4th, 400th or 4,000th item on the print line, we guarantee the same consistency of quality. This is just one reason why we offer the best service for pad printed assembly and collating Bagworth has to offer.
After the printing, our team will carry out any assembly and collating that is necessary. That is right, unlike some businesses who will ship out the components unassembled, we will complete the full job. This includes assembling the parts for you. When they arrive at your workshop, store or business all the pad printed items will have been through our assembly and collating process, so there are no costly labour hours needed to make the parts usable.
We are confident that we offer the best option for pad printed items that have undergone a full assembly and collating process. Bagworth customers will not find a better option for quality, speed and competitive pricing. For more information, contact our team today.