With everything completed in-house by our small, passionate staff base, you can rest assured that your pad printing project will be created to the best industry standard

Jigs and Artwork Leicester

Some clients know exactly what they want, but many are looking for ideas, inspiration or advice. This is where our fantastic in-house team comes in. At TBS Associates, we have spent the last 27 years building a business people can trust to deliver incredible results. If you’re working on a project, and you’re not 100% sure what you want the finished article to look like, we’re here to help! Providing jigs and artwork in Leicester, our highly-skilled team will help you achieve beautiful, bespoke products.

Jigs and artwork in Leicester

Our origination service is designed to provide our clients with access to the latest technology and a team that is bursting with creativity, passion and enthusiasm. Not everyone knows what they want to achieve from a printing project, and it’s our job to assist clients by conjuring up designs and creating prototypes that tick all of the boxes. We generate original artwork in-house, as well as making jigs and plates for your perusal.

It can be challenging to envision a finished product based on ideas alone, and we use cutting-edge technology combined with customer-focused design services to enable our clients to get an accurate idea of what they can expect at the end of the process. We create artwork using the latest PC and Mac software, and our all plate and jig work is also completed in-house. Using prototypes, plans and detailed drawings, we work through a step-by-step process, encouraging our customers to get involved in design and development to ensure that they are 100% happy with the finished article.

A personalised service

At TBS Associates, we treat every client as an individual, and we look forward to working on every single project. We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creative projects, and we’re passionate about the work we do. It’s our goal to exceed the expectations of our clients, and this is why providing a personalised, tailored service is so crucial. We spend time getting to know our customers, we chat about ideas and visions, we encourage clients to share opinions and provide feedback, and we take your requirements and your objectives into consideration.

We understand that it’s not practical for every client to come to us. If you can’t make it to our base in Broughton Astley, we can communicate via the telephone or by email. The initial consultation is key, as it gives us an opportunity to discuss the details of the project, to get to know you and to start thinking about the next steps. We can meet face to face or talk over the phone.

We recognise that some clients need results quickly. As we oversee operations in-house, we are able to reduce turnaround times in line with customer requirements.

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If you’re looking for jigs and artwork in Leicester, or you’re keen to find out more about how TBS Associates could help you with a project, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today to speak to one of our friendly team, or email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.